Friday, May 19, 2006

Hacked Again

Never make the same mistake twice.

This hacker is a person who likes to quote --

Lord, deliver me from the man who never makes a mistake, and also from the man who makes the same mistake twice. - William James Mayo

Never make the same mistake twice or you'll never get around to all of them - Unknown

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time - George Bernard Shaw

Sadly, our Stan_da_man ran out of luck, on a chilly Friday afternoon. He handed his machine to me. This is the second time, he has left his machine un-attended. The last time is documented at this link

This post in in continuation to the above link "Oh Staney Boy", only that with passage of time and effects of evolution, it has shrinked to simply "Boy" OR "Stan".

Further, this hacker likes to write senseless things. Here is the earlier passage extended with more senseless things. Makes Sense.

Staney Boy went to a garden.
Staney Boy ate a banana.
Staney Boy drank milk.
Staney Boy put on his bunny shoes.
Staney Boy said "Is it"
Staney Boy asked a girl "Is it."
Staney Boy asked a boy "Is it"
Staney Boy went both ways.

Stan Boy got a call
Stan Boy got another call
Stan Boy got a scrap
Stan Boy got another scrap
Stan Boy got an IM
Stan Boy got another IM
Stan Boy got an e-mail
Stan Boy got another e-mail

Boy went to Lunch
Boy went to Mafia
Boy went to Boost
Boy went to T.T.
Boy went to soccer
Boy went to CS

Stan posetd a blog
Stan posted a testimonial
Stan posted a scrap
Stan read a blog
Stan read a testimonial
Stan read a scrap

Boy downloaded a midi
Boy converted to a sp-midi
Boy uploaded a sp-midi
Boy downloaded a sp-midi
Boy got a ringtone

Hint for those trying to understand the above lines -> Don't
You will hear from me, when Boy leaves his machine unattended again.

Please comment to save this hacked entry from deletion by the hands of Stan_da_man. All comments will be counted as votes for survival of this post.

*Note - Boy is too busy with DirectShow, any help will be appreciated.

[Boy speaks (after getting over the initial shock): Grrrrrr!!!!! US!!! I handed over my PC to you cos you said you'd install DX for me when i went to lunch...not hack into my blog!!! (again!!). Hmph..being the considerate p-mate (note: projectmate / not playmate) that i am, I've decided to not delete this post. (again..again!!) And thanks for FountainHead! Enjoy Muzafarnagar, and don't kill the guy next to you in the train with DVB-S specs!! haha! :)]


US said...

This is the forst voting comment from the hacker.

Vote generously.


Anonymous said...

Since Stan has accepted the entry, I am not sure whether more votes are required.


Boy will be Boy and
US will be US


Anonymous said...

Hey Stan, I also want to hack your blog and post.

Kindly be generous to publish your id and password.

Anon Hacker

Jo said...

hey hacker/s...dont worry...he will make the same mistake trice...I know him very very well

stan_da_man said...

@US : no comments
@ the annons: thanks for the suggestions, but i'm not that considerate!
@jo: hmmmmm...u know me VERY VERY well eh??? we'll see,we'll see....

Guru Panguji said...


Staney Boy went to pee
Staney Boy went to pee
Leaving US and the readers for a glee

Poor Staney Boy
Poor Staney Boy
He was put into a Super Ploy!!

Keep at it US! I find your posts really interesting to read in the otherwise *yawn* Free Your Mind ;-)! Hehehehehe!!

US said...

Hey Stan, your readers want more of this "Abstract Poetry". I am thinking, what would be the title of my thrid post on Free Your Mind ...?


mintu said...

i think staney boy shud resign and leave the 'blogging work' to US..
his blogs are much more humorous and sensible ;)

stan_da_man said...

@pangu: hah! thank God i delayed this comment..who's laughin now buddy?? :))
"every dog has a day"...beware - *hack*!!!

@us: hey hey hey..ur winnin fans too for this mess...hmmm..interestin..

@mintu: hello?? do u want to take back wat u said? (orr elzzz..) :)) hah! never ever gonna come near u n ur friends again. ;)

US said...

Thnx to all readers!

For more from my side you have to explore my blog


mintu said...

MINT the gr8.. never takes bck wat she says !
and am not scared of skinny skinny STUNNEY boy !!

Anonymous said...