Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The rains are back..and the madness!

The rains have decided to pay surprise visits to Bangalore again... Its been 2-3 days now. I've been regularly getting drenched, and it isn't helping the cold I caught just before leaving Trivandrum abt 5 days ago. (It seems I have a Tvm-cold&fever-jinx : I almost always get it, even if I go there for like 2 days!!)

Anyways..thats not what I wanted to write about. I have to vent out my frustration against the madness that seems to spawn itself when it starts raining in Bangalore. I'm speakin about the Traffic. The Roads. The People. Aaaarrgghhh!!!!

For example, yesterday evening, all I wanted to do was reach home quickly from MG-Road at about 7:30pm, after attending the AMD DevCon at the Taj. (my next post, very shortly) Anyways, it was raining, pretty heavily too, and my projectmate and I couldn't find even one autodriver who was willing to take us till Banashankari. (They never seem to agree when you badly need one, right? and they even give you a sarcastic apologetic smile if its raining!) So we started joggin in the rain along the footpath, checking if any BMTC bus stuck in the slow-moving traffic was going our way. After about 8 minutes of running, jumping over rain puddles, getting mud-splashed by vehicles, bumping into people, and 15 buses, we finally got one that was going straight to Banashankari bus-stand.

Ahhh...that was a temporary relief, though standing with dripping clothes in a crowded bus was not gonna help us make any quick friends.

Well, after snailing its way through the populated roads, the bus stopped near Jayanagar 8th block, and they told all of us to get out. I guess the driver was bored with his career and suddenly decided enough was enough. So, we step out, and not surprisingly, the rain was heavier now. After our almost-dried clothes had got drenched again, we got an even-more crowded bus to Banashankari.

Well, 20 minutes and 200 dirty glances later, we reached Banashankari finally. I just had to travel 3 more kms to reach my flat, and my friend a couple more, so we decided to catch an auto. After getting drenched in the rain for the 3rd time, we got one and even settled for a '1 n half' metre charge. Ahh, I couldn't bear to argue with the autodriver, I just wanted to get home fast. Well, after moving forward for like 500m, the driver suddenly stops. What now?! "Saaar, too much traffic sir, it'll take 1 hour to get through"...Traffic? in Banashankari? I looked ahead and saw a couple of vehicles, and there was traffic ahead alright, but not a jam, it was moving-traffic for Godsakes! It couldn't even be called "traffic" by B'lore standards, it was as good as it got! "No saaar, it's too much saaar. I won't go further!" Daaamn..ok fine...stepping out into the pouring rain (4th time), we ask him how much - "18Rs saar" (Easy math- min. charge of 12Rs + another 6. Brilliant!) Whadaaaahell? But the guy was too stubborn and we didn't wanna have a fight in the rain, Hindi-filmy style. So after paying 18Rs. (for travelling a distance that maybe required like 18 strides), we started running to the next bus-stop.

Reached the stop. Kadirenahalli Cross. Ahh..there was one bus that was actually going to my place, and it was relatively empty too! Had my luck changed? Apparently not. Cos as soon as I seated myself, I saw the driver tell something to the conductor. The conductor immdiately stepped out and ran off to the nearest shop. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity to me, actually 10min, he came running back and handed over to the driver a packet filled with vegetables. What the..! Apparently the driver thought he would take advantage of the sparsely populated bus to do some timely grocery shopping for his wife!

Well, without much further incident, the bus reached my place. Except ofcourse, in between, when we almost rammed into 4 or 5 cars on the Outer-Ring-Road intersection. Huh? I was surprised that happened, cos usually there's a traffic-policeman regulating traffic there. I looked out of the window, and lo! my surprise, I saw the policeman (fully geared with hemet and raincoat) doing his job, but under the protection of a shop's asbestos sheet, some 30m away from the actual intersection! LoL! Inspite of my pitiful situ, I had to laugh. How much crazier could this place get?

Well..that's that.
I reached home after approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes.
Drenched to the core. Starved. Tired.

A Wet Bangalore - sakkath crazzy magaa!!!


rems said...

hi stany boy... so sad that u had a bad time yesterday.
I enjoyed the rain to the core. phew... mausam bahut romantic tha..
never mind, looks like it will rain today also. all the best buddy.

R.Shriram said...

well it rained today also
but yeah the auto drivers need some nice spanking up their posh posteriors

they are really a RPIA.

and yooo rains wreck havoc also, drains overflow and find a nice home in the roads and you see two wheelers consciously trying to avoid the water.

had you written more about the bashing these auto drivers need...
SOBs they are

US said...

3feet view of the situation.

I was with you on it, and it took 150 minutes to cover 10Km distance.

3 busses and an Auto ...

This is the state of Inter-ciry transport, and then they blame us for purchasing our personal vehicles and choking the traffic.

stan_da_man said...

@rems: hi gal! seems the rains aint gonna stop now..sudden change in climate u agree?

@shriram: hehee...ur right tyro-some of these guys need a real spanking! scare em wit ur hair too u can doo! :)

@us: We suffered together bro..imagine wat we wud have done had we won that Laptop! it wud then be one soaked piece of h/w!Then soaked-to-the-core wud sound gud. no wait,soaked to the duo-core!!! lol

AmirthaRaman said...

At last U have freed your Mind!

... Could have gone for that fight..! :-) You would have that 1 hr of full josh!

vinay said...

Poor Staney I pity you for the day..But I feel almost avery Bangalorean who ventured out that day had similar experiences, with auto drivers asking extra fare, overflowing sewage drains, overcrowded buses and dreaded traffic jams...I would tell Bangalore is worst-prepared for even a drizzle.
It is high time the government should take some steps to solve the problem.
If you had pointed out a horrible journey of yours on BMTC, I would like to share one plane-like journey I had in a BMTC bus last sunday... It was in a Volvo bus of the BMTC. Bus crew were amiable and the conductor would announced the name of the bus stops through a mic. The bus was air-conditioned,with no sound and polluted air from outside...we were virtually floating on bangalore roads... I would recommend everyone to try that one atleast once..

Aravind said...

Tough luck Stan.... Yes, Its definitely NOT fun being out in the rain in Blore.
In Blore its great at times to say that "Ooh, the climate is so unpredictable: why, it could rain the very next minute!"
As long as YOU are not out there... Coz the moment you are, and it does rain there are a gazillion curses directed towards the roads, the buses, the auto-rikshaws, well.... basically everyone!
The worst crib is towards the sewage system, or actually the lack of it. There were days when we could point to Chennai ( or Madras as it used to be...) and remark about the poor situ there.... Well, last years' pretty much proved Blore otherwise.

@Vinay: Cool, I gotta check out one of those.... Maybe the next time I'm heading to Majestic. I already have identified the timing for the Volvo bus on that route. :D

stan_da_man said...

@amirtha: hey,thanks for d comment. Yea, me shud have gone ahead for some rainy dishum-dishum! :)

@vinay: i agree totally. I must have been one among the many thousands with similiar experiences that same day. N i wanna travel in the new vovlo bus too, never seem to get one when i want it!

@aravind: hey neville-boi, nice views. Yea, the sewage system on Mysore road esp, aaarghh..totally sux, u have to agree, the punishingly-pungent odour of Hydrogen-Sulphide is not very pleasing after a long day's work!

Guru Panguji said...

Aaaah... Rains and Bangalore are a bad bad bad combo dude! Thankfully, I had taken myself outta Bangalore for the weekend to ze Ohm Beach near Karwar. Dude, ya have to check the place out. Will post about it! That's gonna be my next post!! Waitin for all the snaps to get in!!

But, I hear ya homeboy!! I hear ya!! Rains screw up Bangalore [not that the traffic ain't crapped up already] Hehehehe!!

stan_da_man said...

@Pangu: ohhh kool..ok,waiting for ur karwar post..yea traffic n rains..not a good combo meal et al! lol..u shud know...Hosur road frequenter!

Anonymous said...

hey staney boy... u could have easily taken a taxi to your place by just calling one up....
Isnt that dumb from ur part???

stan_da_man said...

@anon - ohh no..i cudnt..cos i wanted to get wet n blog about it afterwards!! :))

Anonymous said...