Friday, November 11, 2005

There's a first time for everything.

Hi all,
This is my first blog....
which is not surprising since the previous few days have been a combination of infinite "firsts" for me.Being a new joinee (i just completed my engineering in CompSci.) in an IT company,I was in the process of completing my 2 months Java training when i was urgently called in by my new PM about 5 days ago to work on a Live project that totally deals with Linux and C.I was intimidated at first, but it feels totally great now,because I'm learning and doing so many new things for the first time.This new thrill that I feel got me thinking -->

We are all used to living our lives the same monotonous way its been shaped into.Many a time, we experience excitement or happiness because of a change that just happens(like in my case), not cos we ourselves do anything to be dynamic.Let me ask a few Questions-1.When was the last time we felt happy & great doing something totally innovative at our workplaces?(instead of the usual 8/10 hour daily grind)2.How many new people in your company have you introduced yourselves and got to know in the past week? 3.Do we all remember the last book we read and how long has it been since?4.When was the last time we helped someone poor and helpless?(if that makes us happy)5.When was the last time we have been our own 'Agents of Change' instead of waiting for somebody to transform our lives? I'll just end by adding 2 quotes --

"You aren't remembered for doing what is expected of you"

"Find a job you love, and you will never have to work again"

Take care!