Friday, October 20, 2006


/*just an update on myself for the sake of it*/

Nevermind the title...
It isn't going to make sense to any except a select few. But it summarizes my world right now.

Anywayz, I haven't got the time to blog ever since I left DC around 20 days ago. Caught a flight to Newark, stayed for a day with relatives and had a good time, and then headed for Bombay via Air-India, quite a sad experience, with nothing worth mentioning about, except that, in the seat next to mine, there was a baby that was hell-bent of destroying the peace and quiet by crying all the time. Reached Bangalore at about 6am in the morning, where Shyam 'San' was present to pick me up. Went to office at 1pm in the afternoon to meet friends there, and caught the bus to Trivandrum around 5 hours later. Yeah, quite a bit hectic.

Spent a quite and relaxing week at home - went to Technopark one afternoon - met quite a few friends there - went out with Nith, Jayas, Praveen, Rijo, n Shameer for dinner one night and then to the beach. Ahh..the joy of feeling your body and mind relax is something else I say. Intense Liberation.

Some say I've become fat. Others say I've become tall. Maybe people see what they want to see.

Joined back at work the next week, and its been a buzz ever since. Kutty left for another company last week, which means we're losing more members of our Mafia gang. But work right now is good, enjoying it even more day by day. It's the holiday season now in India but it doesn't have any effect on me - I don't know why. I think a few sweets may do the trick. Right now the only thing on my mind is Seinfeld stand-up comedy, that I've been listening to all day. Awesome - Thanks Green Goblin! :)

Alright. Time to head home....
Eid Mubarak and Happy Diwali to all.