Thursday, May 25, 2006

viva AMD!!!

I got an opportunity to attend an AMD DevCon (first time in India) the week before last. Since free-time is a resource that is very scarce nowadays, I couldn't blog about it. Anyway, I've got a few mins here was held at the Taj, right at the end of MG Road. Me and *my blog-hacker* US got an invit and literally jumped at the oppt. And man! wasn't I glad i went!

It was a pretty big gathering with many IT developers and other Top Brass from all over India. The fact that I got an AMD bag and other freebies even before the event started made my day!

Ok..1st Note: I've been a die-hard AMD fan for a few years now, so all this was extra-special for me. I was practically as excited as watching a ManUtd-Arsenal match. No kidding!

We had talks right from AMD's Indian GM, top guys who had come for the DevCon all the way from the valley of sand, to a lot of other five-star techies from AMD. You might imagine that the talks were boring, but no! seriously dude..very very interestin stuff...and imagine the sitting wide-eyed right upfront on the 2nd row munching on every word
We had talks from the event sponsors who were HP, Microsoft, RedHat, Oracle, and Acer.

Note 2: Lookout for these terms -> 'virtualization' and 'concurrent programming'.
You're gonna hear a lot more, i repeat - a lot more about them in the near future.

Ofcourse, no AMD show would be complete without taking a free shots at their dearest rivals..a little-known company who's name starts with 'I'. There were demos on benchmarks between the AMD 64-bit Opteron and the Xeon processors. Also, loads of demos comparing the Athlon 64 X2, Sempron, Turion 64 and the corresponding rival processors.
If you didn't know, AMD had called its rival to an open duel sometime back. It turned out to be a walkover. For more info, go here - DUAL-CORE DUEL. Don't miss it! there's a hilarious duel video as well!

Ok..the best part..there was a stall running FarCry64 (a modified version of Crytech's original) on a dual-core dual-pro AMD Machine..that's practically 4 cores churning out eye-blinding power!! And they were using a 34" widescreen TV too! Hahaa..people who know me well, will believe me,when I say that they pratically had to drag me by my hair to my seat whenever a session began! lol.

The Taj is not bad at all..atleast the buffet wasn't and it was kinda hard to not put in some shut-eye in the post-lunch session. Aahh..but where there's a will, there's a way and I should thank those volunteers no end. :))

In the end, there was a lucky draw for a Turion 64-bit based Ferrari Laptop..aaaannddddddd...hmph - i didn't win. :(( (That would have made my year!!) Anywayz..was a soooper experience..yenjoyed to daa coreeee!!!


US said...

Viva AMD.
Advanced Micro Devices. Only things that come to my mind when I hear AMD is sheer grit and determination. They have followed Intel's footsteps for so long, and the moment they break fre, boy do they do a great work.

Excellence everywhere. This is not to undermine the phenemenonal work that Intel has put up in semiconductor space. I can confidentally say, that what man-kind has achieved in the field of any technology today - Intel's been a key component in that success.

Hail to both Intel and AMD for delivering truly amazing technologies.

stan_da_man said...

atta boy!!!
here's to our daily n insolent n senseless n nomadic 'AMD vs. Intel' war debates!!
waitin for u to come back!!

US said...

AMD reigns supreme in fighting spirit, where Intel has shown stinky signs -- BUT BUT BUT that does not make Intel stink. Their body of work is unparalleled and unrivalled in domains where AMD hasn't even entered.

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