Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh Staney Boy

Staney Boy went to a garden.
Staney Boy ate a banana.
Staney Boy drank milk.
Staney Boy put on his bunny shoes.
Staney Boy said "Is it"
Staney Boy asked a girl "Is it."
Staney Boy asked a boy "Is it"
Staney Boy went both ways.

This blog has been hacked.
Staney Boy.

[THIS AMAZINGLY STUPID AND SENSeLESS poem was posted by my project-mates Umang-poloolop-Saini and Rajat-Mr.SexyHair-Khanna, while i was away at another machine and had left my machine unlocked. Being a considerate team-mate and showing some appreciation at their wicked yet cant-help-but-laugh humour, I've decided to not delete this post. hehe..There you go guys!!]


stan_da_man said...


Guru Panguji said...

Staney Boy went to the sea
Staney Boy got drenched and wanted to pee
Oh No, but what if the people see
Staney Boy actually didn't give a hootie ;-)!

Yo bro!! 'Sup? Hows life? I am staying late today so I could go thru ur blog! :-D!! Hehehehe!! Now will be a regular visitor!

Meanwhile I am over @ wordpress as blogspot is blocked during morning! as usual,

Ramblings of an Eccentric Soul

stan_da_man said...

ohh my dear pangu,
i have to say thankU,
4 visitin prontu, (hehe - nevermind)
cos else i wud hav said SCREW U!!

HEY dudeee..'sup thr? enjoyin life in semens? (hyuk hyuk)
hey i luv ur blog dude..keep d posts flowing thr k? tc cya!

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