Sunday, February 26, 2006

We are the champions!!!

Come on you Reds,

Come on you Reds,

Just drop the bottle and use your heads,

For 90min we'll let them know,
Who's ManUtd - here we go !!!

And that's exactly what happened yesterday at the Millenium Stadium,Cardiff !! ManUtd won the Carling Cup Final against Wigan Athletic by a whopping margin : 4-0 !! with goals from Rooney(2), Saha(1) and Ronaldo(1) !!! It was an absolute battering for Wigan who had already done themselves proud by reaching the final.

Anywayz, it's time for celebration for die-hard United fans like me !! I know the Carling Cup is nothing great but atleast we've salvaged something from this season. And it's the first cup we're winning in two years!!! YEAAAHHHOOO-YIPPPEEEEEE!!! And hopefully, it's the start of a great era where we go on and win everything in the years to come. Here are some more pics...


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