Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm Coming back to you!!

wow....long time since i came here....its been like 3 months i guess. well, thats how i can be at times - partial state of hibernation or laziness in other words. ;-)
Well, i've decided to b more loyal from now on...leeetssszz zzzzeeeee....
Anywayz, d past 3 months have flown by pretty quickly... my sis got married last month. Had a whale of a time then..phew...2 weeeks @ tvm is a luxury yaar!!

Hey, btw, me went last Sunday for the Bryan Adams concert right here in B'lore!!! phewww..wat a peformer...wat a voice..was held spellbound at times. 2 GUD! anywayz, me n somu n shyam n sumesh..(wow that's 4Ss) were right up there in front...and were waiting in the queue since 4pm! we entered inside at 6:30...the Superfuzz Bigmuff (winners of d Campus Rock Idols 2005) played a gr8 opening act but i don't think they got the appreciation they deserved. or perhaps...the crowd was soo crazzy waitin for BA they cudnt accept anything lesser. Anywayz at about 7:45pm the man himself and his bands runs onto stage and blasts into 'room service'..amazing moment ddueeeeddeeee.....crazzy madness..heheee... he sang like 25 songs..gr8 unplugged versions too. well...that concert has re-ignited my tab-based guitar-learning drive!!! hehe...i've again started downloading tabs and learnin songs again...Heaven, Everything i do, All for love....

Anywayz, me posting some pics from d concert..check it out!

stan_da_man signing off..till next time hopin all u out thr remain on Cloud#9 4ver!