Monday, February 20, 2006

Bangalore's Couples! You're being watched!

Roaming through Garuda Mall yesterday with my sis and bro-in-law, I couldn't help but notice so many couples walking around as usual. Hmmmm... .... ... ...(no! that was not a sigh due to the fact I'm single,) in fact, I made up my mind on the spot to categorize the various types of cupid-struck couples that i saw. Here's what i came up with -->

1. The most common type - The "sensible" type -> Here's my fav kind actually. They are the pairs that walk around with hands tightly clasped together, laughing and having a good time. They are totally free and are out on care-free date! dats it! it!

2. The next type - I'd call them the "break-up-any-minute" type. Though they walk together, their hearts are as far apart as the North and South poles. Their faces are always in opposite directions, scanning every 'opposite-sexed' human walking by. Hahaa..really funny to watch them, its like their faces throw out an SOS cry - Save me from this guy/gal!! lol.

3. The 3rd type - The "quiet lovey-dovey" type. They're just lost in a world of their own, floating i guess on love-skates instead of actually walking. Man! U could get a complex just watchin them. Most of them are in the 'shoulder-waist' lock where the guy's arm is around the girl's shoulder and the girl's arm is locked around his waist. Very romantic dude. My type? I'm not so sure about that.

4. The "We wanna show the www (whole-wide-world) that we're in love" type. Hahahaaa...makes me laugh just sayin it! They do everything possible to show to everyone standing in a 150-m radius around them, that they're crazzy bout each other! Ok Ok..we get the picture... no no nooo!! There's just no stopping them! a few words that are heard by eavesdroppers who just can't help but overhear cos these ppl just wanna be heard--my sweetie-pie, my honeycombs, my darling, my sugar, my sugar-candy, my sugar-coated bun, my knight, my princess,.....makes me wanna say my Lord - Save me!

5. The "super-dependant female" type. Weird. Yet Funny. The guy walks around with a pompous self-satisfied look on his face. The gal is clinging on to the guy as if to say "If i let go of you, I'll dis-integrate into a million sub-atomic particles!!" Hehehe....very funny i must say. Makes the guy feel all bloated up. Or does the girl do this on purpose. Hmm..I wonder.

Well, that's that. 5 broad categories. I think it could still be divided further based on looks, clothing, etc ;-) but that's not needed right? Enuff is Enuff. Say what we may, but we defintely can't avoid them.

Bangalore's couples.

Plenty of food for thought.

Candy for the eyes too ;-)


Neo said...

Nice blog dude and yeah i have noticed most of the types you have mentioned except type 2!!
Made me wonder which category i fell into coz i never/ mostly never held hands with my girl (my now wife)!!
anyway nice observations:)

Aslan said...

nice one kiddo! :)

rems said...

cool stan!
i have noticed a sixth type, they go to such places just for the sake of watching couples; and have hell lot of fun at their expense :)

if they see your type 2, they make stories regarding what might be the possible reasons for the split up etc etc...

these sixth kind could as well become good scriptwriter duos if they write down their findings..

Guru Panguji said...

Observations?? PSSST!! Ya perv! ;-)! Hehehe! what's up? Me getting bored @ office man. I could have got the 4:30 bus, but had to show my manager what I managed to accomplish!!

Dang! Anyhoo, keep at it!! Nice observations?? Nope, that's not what I wanted to say! I wanted to say, dude, nice blog!! :-D!!

stan_da_man said...

@neo - heheheee..hey lucky u neo!!

@rems - btw, do i know u rems? cos i hav a feelin i do.

@pangu - go home dude! don't waste time trying to impress ur Manager!

@Aslan - hey, me seriously bored here. we'll all go play mafia again?? lol ;-)

stan_da_man said...

ooooopsss...sorry i didnt figure out who u were earlier rems...hehe :-)
Remya Remya Remya!!

rems said...

hey stan,

so bad you figured out. I thought i could try some prankies :)

Spartacus said...

What was that? What was that?

Anonymous said...