Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tennis, Guinness, my goodness!

Holla everyone, I just passed my first weekend of being alone here, and boy, was it fun! (Last weekend didn't qualify since I'd been to NJ). Me, Shrini and Charles had been to Bugaboos (my fav steakhouse) on Friday night and after I'd come home I finished off the last few episodes of Friends season 10, something I'd been stuck on, for believe it or not, 2+ years!

Got up pretty late, around 11am, and that's when Shrini called. Seemed Charles wanted to play some tennis and he'd come over and pick me up. We went over and had lunch at Cici's pizza. Funny place, actually meant for kids but they have a pizza + salad + desert buffet for just 6$! That's a steal I tell ya...and mmmm..the salad bar always just rocks just cos of this.

After that, we were off to the hardcourts for some tennis. The best part of my trip so far! Shrini and Charles have had some prior experience playing tennis before, but for me it would be just my second time, the last one being almost five years ago! I first tried taking off my Woodland shoes since I didn't wanna sprain my ankle running with it a.k.a WonderKid (hee hee). But it was sooo freakin cold, it felt like running on ice so I had to put it back on. Charles gave me one of his racquets to play with and I slowly tried to get a feel of the ball. Needless to say, I was pretty hopeless in the beginning and could not get anything right, so Charles started giving me tips on how to time my shot, serve etc. He then told me something else - the racquet I was using was a Babolat PureDrive, the official racquet of Andy Roddick! It's the same company that makes racquets for Nadal too, though that's the AeroPro Drive model. It was only then that I knew I was holding a 150$+ expensive racquet! I knew I had to up my game that very second, I just couldn't insult my beloved A-Rod or Rafa! :) Almost instantaneously, I started to get more shots was so damn weird! My hands were aching after just an hour cos this was the first real physical exercise I've had in months. I still sucked compared to other two guys but I now have a very strong resolve to get myself a racquet and start practicing as soon as I get back to Bangalore. Man! What a beautiful game! We played for like two hours in almost freezing temperatures (it was three degrees outside!) and by the end of it I was totally exhausted but had a huge beam on my face :)

I spent the night at Shrini's place after we'd went out and got some Guinness and SamAdams (both my favs). We watched 'Catch me if you can' (the third time for me) and Shrini made some rice and chicken masala for dinner. Today morning was more of the same. Shrini had missed all the T20 WorldCup fun so we hooked up to stage6 and watched the hour-long highlights of the Indo Pak final. More Guinness. Took a small nap and then watched 'A Mighty Heart'. Pretty good I must say especially cos of Jolie and Irfan Khan. Had dinner at Tara Thai after that and came back to the hotel.

Next week I'll probably be off to NJ again, but it kinda feels sad cos I just wanna play Tennis as soon as I can! :)


US said...

I refrained from commenting earlier in the day, but thought would chip in anyways.

Tennis - Good, but not better than Badminton.

You mentioned your first weekend -- Alone! You were hardly alone.

Actually, I ended up having my first truly alone weekend!
3 roommates, all gone -
1. Parvin is in USA for 3 months
2. Mohit is on long vacation till 17th Dec
3. Gagan (Gogo) shifted last week.

So, I was alone @ #38.
I uploaded few pics of breakfast and lunch @ facebook (which incidentally you are still not a part!).

I watched 3 movies, had my police inquiry done for passport, cooked breakfast, slept, cleaned the house ( >2hours ), cleaned up my machine, ... ... no badminton though. Probably next week.

I am surprised your workload is not as much as expected, which is why two posts in a week. Either you are procrastinating OR have become super-efficient. I doubt the latter.


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stan_da_man said...

@us - U know me well :) yeah, it's not cos I've become super efficient :P But no, it's not procrastination too. I guess it's cos I don't have anyone to speak to once I get back to my room so I wanna get some words out!

Smithu said...

Hey Bro...........interesting blogs. Glad that u r njoyin ther....pls take care of the cold weather. And ur blogs r REALLLLLLYYYYY good.......feels like I am reading a great novel. Way to Go Man !!!!!!

corny smith said...

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peter mild said...

but after all, you did enjoy your weekend, right?

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