Monday, November 26, 2007

Yankee land again

Well, I guess the title says it all. I've come back to Rockville again :) this time it's only till end of the year, which feels kinda nice, cos I've come alone and stayin alone sucks! My trip didn't start off too well, with both the Indian flights getting delayed. This resulted in me missing my connecting flight to DC from Newark, with my baggage going prior. Anways, that was how bad it got luckily and I managed to reach in one piece.

This weekend was Thanksgiving, which was a nice break of 4 days. I took the greyhound to New Jersey to stay with my cousins who're at Elizabeth. A good time to get some sleep under my belt and to get out of my jetlag. We went to Staten Island,NY the next day for dinner's at the in-laws. Did some shopping on Black Friday at Jersey Gardens, a pretty decent outlet mall in the area. NJ has no tax on apparel too thus making it a pretty decent place to do some shopping! Spent the rest of my time chilling out at the house, since it was pretty chilly for my liking outside. Watched the EPL highlights on FSC (Fox Soccer Channel) which felt sooooooo good...felt like being back at home! Saw the Giants lose to the Vikings in the NFL after that, and rushed off to catch the greyhound back home. Reached pretty late, past 1am. Pretty scary to be all by yourself on a cold night in strange places I say.

That's all for now. More later.


corny smith said...

yes, that week was thanksgiving and i really enjoyed thanksgiving this year.

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simoncadbury said...

welcome back, by the way :)

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