Friday, December 28, 2007

Turn the Page

But your thoughts will soon be wandering the way they always do,
When you're riding sixteen hours and there's nothing much to do,
And you don't feel much like riding, you just wish the trip was through.........

Here I am...on the road again...

My sentiments exactly. Here I am - in Dulles, the Gate B31 lounge, waiting for my flight to Newark..and not surprisingly, it's delayed! But somehow I'm not the least bit concerned, even though my flight to Bombay from Newark takes off at 8.20pm, which means it's gonna be very tight. Think I'm getting used to this ;) Everything's gone smooth so far, perhaps the only bump in the ride being the baggage check-in, where I found to my dismay that my bag was overloaded and was 3 pounds above 50, which is the max limit. Damn those chocolates! :P So they asked me to move stuff to the other bag..and I opened my overweight bag, took my time analyzing what to do...and moved only a sweater, my sandals, and my bro's camera-package. Checked the weight again..and voila! Exactly 50 pounds! I think the lady at the counter gave me a "Do you work in some warehouse weighing boxes all day?" look before proceeding to complete my check-in. LoL.

Had a good farewell lunch at Bugaboos today which included like ten people, the usual gang and Jay, Josh, Isha too. We all kept eating and speaking which meant I had to say a quick goodbye and run off in the end in order to catch my taxi, which thankfully waited for half an hour. Nice cab driver, I didn't mind giving him a few extra dollars as part of the tip. (All company reimbursed though :P)

Well, let me gather my thoughts back...kinda hard to believe one year has passed quickly, I don't even know how. It's been a pretty quiet year actually...composed of the usual stuff. Hmm wait, I made a lot of new friends this year - good thing..I put on some weight this year - good thing again! I wish I could write a post like how I did last year, about the highs and lows of the entire year...but I guess there isn't much to write home about. Oh, what the hell, I'll try anyway...

I guess the best parts of the year came back to back for me..first the Roger Waters concert in February..without doubt the highlight of my year. The trip to Mumbai with Naveen, spending time with Shahil and Swan, and then the concert itself. Brilliant. The Iron Maiden concert in March is next, had a lot of fun and was a good reuinion of sorts with all my buddies too. What next? Ah yes, ManUtd winning the league! Had been waiting on that one....and it was sweeeet.

Lows of the year? Well, not many...I guess the worst would be the fact that my dog Timothy passed away in August..that was painful...he was 12 years old. My CAT paper was another downer too, but that was sorta expected with the kind of prep I put in and the type of exam itself.

Well, I can't wait for the new bro's getting married in Jan, my sis is expecting in Feb..lotsa stuff happening. My team's playing very well..can't wait for the CL to start again in Feb and can't wait for LOST to start again on Jan 31st! shallow am I eh? :P Well, I wanna play tennis with my new racquet too as soon as I can...but might have to wait on that for a bit, cos the month of January looks very busy.

Well, I think I'll be off to the DutyFree sections now...cos I've nothing better to do..

A Very Happy New Year to everyone! God Bless!

//Posted using Dulles' 6$ a session WiFi connection. My first time at an airport, and it ain't bad at all..should do this more often.


US said...

You missed several high's and lows. And we'd have liked if they were in a numbered list.

This reminds me how close it is to 2007 coming to an end. It was a short year.

One high can be your Pagerank - 4!


US said...

Does 'Turn the Page' refer to next year.

I wonder what 2008 holds.

We'd like your predictions post as well (but in numbered list!)


US said...

Oh. BTW, its Saturday and MT is working today.


Anonymous said...

Isnt this such an appealing song? I've used this song for It still puts me in another world whenever I listen to it!

stan_da_man said...

@us: yup. was a short year indeed. I seriously didn't have any more highs/lows...or else my memory has gone kinda bad..oh yeah, I can include the T20 win..or the WC debacle :P

deeps said...

the excess weight must hav been the hersheys :P
n ohh yeah..mebbe the rain washed match in blr (4 which u got the tickets with gr8 difficulty :P) cud b a low 2

I LOVE YOU said...


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