Sunday, August 20, 2006

We are on top!


ManUtd beat Fulham 5-1 in the season opener at OT (with a record attendance of 75k+) and are now top of the league..I know the season has just begun, but there's no better way to start!!!
That's all I wanted to rant about now.

Nope wait - One more thing.
I just want to state that I love the technology we have today and I love ManUtd fans too!!
Reading live text-commentary instead of watchin a match is pretty depressing actually..That's why I was so happy when I got to see all the videos of the goals within just 5 hours of the final whistle! Posted by some true ManUtd fan! Awesome I say!

See all the goals right here.

Aloha mates!


US said...

You don't have cable


Ahmed Bilal said...

Glad you liked them :)

stan_da_man said...

@US: i do have cable! n i have 5 ESPNs!!!but EPL football comes on Fox...paid channel...dont have that...only baseball here...hehe..anywayz next week onwards US Open is thr...can watch that! rootin for a-rod!

@ahmed: dude...i bow down to you!!! thankYou thankYou ThannnkkkkkYou!!! keep postin the articles and videos!!! I love soccerlens - its ultimate!!!

The trainee said...

no comments

please i'm a busy man

not like the boi who sits and rejoices when the worst team in the premiership looses just 5-1!!!!!!!!!!!!

stan_da_man said...

@trainee: Dude..plz..i would have argued had i been convinced of ur knowledge of footie..we sat 2gthr during WC06, and I heard all ur comments then too!! hehehehee :)

Anonymous said...