Monday, August 28, 2006

My baby's arrived!!

Was delivered via UPS today at 1:14pm...
Weighs a healthy 8.1 lbs :P
Aaah, zeee wait is finally over...

Waiting to be opened...

Halfway out....



likey! :)


US said...

First to comment.

Congratulations for being a Father (and Mother also).

The baby looks cute and healthy. Wish him/her Happy Birthday from my side. I believe he/she received several IM messages from me. So it is doing pretty well at this young age. I wish it several healthy and productive years ahead.

Awaiting to play NFS Underground Multiplayer no Wi-Fi when you return.
How cool is that!

For the record:
Stan's first baby:
Born - 25th August
Delivered - 28th August
Conceived - Around Start July

What more - It's a Virgo!
Here are some famous Virgo's born around same time

Claudia Schiffer August 25
Sean Connery August 25
Macaulay Culkin August 26
Jason Priestley August 28
Shania Twain August 28

Had you waited a bit more you could have hit Cameron Diaz (30th Aug) OR Keanu Reaves (Sept 02)

OK> My comment is longer than your post, only because you forgot to cover facts.

Anyway - awaiting the naming of the child. I say, you name it Stan_da_Machine :-)

Stan_da_Man & Stan_da_Machine!


Seema said...

Congratulationss to the proud Dad!!! Stuninn beauty...neighbours envy,owners pride!!!
lovely catchy lines here "half out" hehe

US said...

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Varun said...

Boy!! congrats for Lappieeee

stan_da_man said...

@us: wow wow...stan_da_machine sounds good maaaaaaaan!! :) :) heheheee...hey wat u said just reminded me..conceived: around july start -> delivered: aug 28th..just 2 months...not bad eh??? lol. yup the baby has some celbrities for company too..hey, after i come back to India, u gotta stay at my place..n we gotta teach dis baby a few things!! ;) get it up n ready for a crazzy life!

@seema: hey thanx! i checked out ur blog..looks like ur a postess! ultra kool!! :))

@varun: thanx buddy...howz d football n all comin along?? :)

Anu Nair said...

Awwww... Goochi goochi cooo... ;-)

stan_da_man said...

@anu: hee hee hee! cute na??? i make sure it lies beside me yevvery nitee :)

lisa said...

chachen..ur crazy !!! lollllll

stan_da_man said...

@lisa: i know!!! lol :))

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samantha david said...

wow. that's a wonderful baby. wish i could buy a baby lime that too.

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