Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mmmmm.....I'm lovin it!

Well...the smell atleast.
Cos I'm not sure if I can get a taste of it here in the USA.
Of what???????

The Community Shield just got over and Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-1, Crouch heading home the winner. This is (surprisingly) what the (usually bitter) Jose had to say post-match, "They are a very difficult team to beat. When you play them you can win, lose or draw."
DUUHHHH????? As if anything else was possible in football !!!
What an @$$!!

But this is why I love it...the whole feel and excitement of a Season start....aaaaaahhh...and it bugs me to no-end cos I can't get to watch it here!! Grrrr....makes me wish I was at home or in B'lore stuck to the television, watching John Dykes and Co. disussing about my favourite sport, league and team.



shyam said...

Dont Worry boiii....Willl watch it for u rite here. :)

stan_da_man said...

@mohan:thanx. and thanx for all those links too :P

@shyam: podaaa!! panna &$**$%$*(#...heheheee...noooooooo!!! don't torture me..i'm catchin d next flight back~!! :)

Dream Sporting said...


Fox Sports Network carries coverage of the Premiership out here. You cannot be guaranteed live action of all matches (especially something like ManU - Arse), but they show the action every weekend.

This is a paid channel though...

stan_da_man said...

@DreamSporting: yea i know dude! Checkin which channel telecasts the EPL was one of the first things I did after coming here :) But it's paid!!! and I dunno anyone so far who has THAT channel...Believe me, I've been shamelessly asking people I don't even know if they have it!! :(

Dream Sporting said...


FSN comes along with the sports package (atleast thats how it is packaged with Time Warner). While the sports package is only $5, you need to have digital cable service along with that. Thats a $25 after playing for basic cable. So, overall, around $50

If you watch regular TV, then, its not a bad deal. But $50 just for FSN is asking too much. Have you tried figuring out if there is a British pub that shows these games around your place?

stan_da_man said...

@Dream: wow..wat an idea! howcome it didnt strike me before...funny thing is i havnt noticed any good pubs in dis area...not british ones for sure!..i guess i'll be reading online commentary then! :)

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