Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A visit to the Harbour...

"As the world shrinks, so our palate grows.
As our lives become more complex, we crave simplicity.
We are living through an eating revolution.
Welcome to the Harbour Market."

Well this weekend, My friends and I ( happy??? - to someone who's bent on showing me that "I" doesn't come first..lol ) decided to go and check out Mohanlal's new restuarant, named "Harbour Market", here in Bangalore. Actually, it's his first restuarant in India..the previous ones being in Dubai etc.

After spending like an hour trying to locate the place...which according to the ad, was opp. Malige Hospital, Crescent Road, near Racecourse road..blah..blah, we finally found out it was in the lobby of a hotel called the 37th Crescent.

Well, it was a seafood speciality place..according to what we'd heard.
What we hadn't heard was that it was also a super-expensive seafood speciality place.

Anyway on entering, the first thing that blows your mind away is the ambience..ultra-posh styling, lights, everything! All the waiters were dressed in actual sailor attire. Although I didn't recognize who the head waiter was, my friends did. No it was not Mohanlal himself...It was another Mallu actor called Ponnu. Very fake english accent but very courteous as well. He was taking the orders on his PDA as well-well!!

Well, one look at the Menu, and my stomach (already grumbling not havin eaten anything the whole morning) turned into a sailor-knot. Well, you guessed right - It was the bloody prices!!

To give you an idea,
Idly 65 - Rs.150
Vada - Rs.150
One freakin kerala paratha!!! - Rs.40
All other dishes - Rs.250 min -> Rs.350
Other delicacies like crab, squid etc - Rs.800 and above!!!

Well, the four of us felt like fish out of water! Although the idea of just drinking the water and walkin out did cross our minds, we decided to stay and explore the "Harbour" further.
And no..we didn't just order a kerala paratha and share it, we actually did order good stuff, all-be-it with a glum face knowing that we were burning a hole in our pockets.
The place was soooo "over-the-moon" expensive that my friend Nithanand commented, "Ippam mansallayee Mohanlal orru velliya actor aayee poyannu." lol.

You might imagine that such a costly place would be sparsely populated, but oh no! it was full...hardly an empty seat...all richie-rich families, achayanmaaru...and the odd northie couple too.Well, we did get time to have a nice long chat among ourselves after ordering,because it took like 1 hour to get our food! Grr..the wait was so irritating we started wondering if it was Mohanlal himself who was sweating it out in the kitchen trying to prepare lunch for us!!

But the good part was...when the food finally arrived..it was worth the wait. Mmmm...Finger-licking to be exact..and that is exactly what we did, cos we knew each lick was worth like 5Rs!! (perverts can stop reading right here.) We blew a lot of money, but it's a pretty decent place to go like once in a blue moon, or maybe more often if you win a lottery or something.

Well, that was Saturday.
Not much to say about Sunday. Maybe only 3 lines...

ManUtd-Arsenal match.
We won 2-0.
el partido ilimitado comenzó...


Guru Panguji said...

Yo dude!!
Harbour Market ;-)! Heehee!! Well well, so how is the fish back into its water now?

Bloody hell my man!! 40 bucks for a frigging paratha that I don't like anyway;-)!

Nice read btw. Better yet the review :-D!!

stan_da_man said...

fish no go back to the harbour for some time atleast..almost choked its gills d last time. ;-) so fish wait till fish has more cash for d bait!

TAURZ said...

hey .. nice read man.... !!

i was just searching around for "Harbour Market, Bangalore", coz my bro in bangalore send me a friggin' bill from the place just to show the prices in the restaurant.... n i thought OMFG.. what's so special abt this one....?

well.. ur article was pretty informative... to say the least...:P

BTW... ur an achayan urself, so u wudn't feel out of place... lol!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a scanned copy for the bill there....
if any body interested pine me :(

Kishore said...

Does this place still exist? All of Mohanlal's ventures in Dubai were flops and have closed since long.

ശ്രീജിത്ത്‌ കെ said...

Here is my experience on this.

ഹാര്‍ബര്‍ മാര്‍ക്കറ്റ്

Anonymous said...

Thanks you guys you saved US!!!!!!!!!!!!

that girl in pink said...

hey! was searching for info on harbour market and came across your review. gave us a good idea of what to expect when we go there.

it was on the expensive side but their service has improved dramatically. we waited about 15 mins for our food and it was delicious!! go there again sometime if you're in the mood for some coastal food...

Anonymous said...