Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rage n Munich

I returned from Tvm yesterday...spent Easter at home.Went for a Rock Show at Nishagandhi with my bro, Beny, Jerrin etc...had a pretty good time...
The Rock Show (held by SCT students) pretty much sucked and only one band actually stood out from the rest.. The band was 'Rage' and they played the usual Metallica numbers, including a superb rendition of 'One'.The other two bands, local 'Rubberband' and 'Afterdeath', a band from Hyderabad, didn't impress at all.



Out of the 3 movies I saw, 'Chintamani Kolacase' sucked bigtime!!! 'Taxi Driver', a 1976 Martin Scorcese flick starring Robert de Niro and Jodie Foster was pretty good. But the best was 'Munich', Spielberg's Oscar nominated movie. It's all about what happens after 11 Israeli athletes were murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Briliant i must say, and me felt like playing those college-time fav action games like Call of Duty, Medal of Honour once again. Eric Bana was simply great too.

Here's an review extract from IMDB about the movie. Once again, if you ain't seen it yet, go watch it !!! And get ready for some pretty gory Saving Private Ryan-style violence!!

Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye
only makes the whole world blind." What distinguishes justice from vengeance? This echoes throughout Steven Spielberg's "Munich". "Munich" is powerful and perhaps Spielberg's most compelling and thought provoking work. He weaves a tapestry of political and social threads focusing on terrorism and the cost of violence. "Munich" is truly amazing in balancing linear storytelling and horrific acts of violence, demonstrating the impact of the aftermath. Spielberg's "Munich" seen through the eyes of Eric Bana's Avner is a powerful allegory that even in the most just and noble fights against terror we eventually become that which we despise. "Munich" really serves as a reminder. Mossad team leader Avner played by Eric Bana is absolutely riveting as the man who begins this righteous cause only to find that the cost is his soul. Anver asks, "When does it ever end?

Nothing about "Munich" is easy, though it is simple. Eric Bana emerges as the noble hero battling to salvage his own humanity and his very soul. "When does it ever end?" Perhaps even in the current context there is no real answer—maybe what Spielberg is getting at. It is a reminder of our humanity, that even the most righteous cause may cost our souls. "Munich" is truly a powerful movie worth seeing.


Guru Panguji said...

Rage!! They are the bomb man!! I should have been singing there :sigh!!

Anyho, life is good here! I was there for their practice session dude! THey bloody rocked the place! One was a superb rendition. Shit, they almost sounded like they created the damned song!!

If ya have more pics of Rage, send 'em over to my mail id k! :-)!

stan_da_man said...

Seriously yaar..i was thinkin abt d exact same thing while listening to them! That u might have done a better job if u were singin!! damn!

me got more pics...will mail dem 2 ya.

US said...

I have the Munich's DVD - Pretty Long and twisted movie - very heavy - so be prepaerd for a loooooooong and depressing saga of Spying / Killing / Terrorists etc. etc.

Anonymous said...