Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Friggin Paranormal Dream Trilogy!!!

*PART III: Thursday-Mar 30th-9:33am

The End....
Green skieeesss...
white clouds....pigs on the flyyyyyy...
It was a beautiful summer day.
I was feeling great as I settled into my Featherlite chair..expecting a pretty dull and no-work morning...smiling idiotically as I do when I know my lazy-persona is gonna be fully fed."beep--beep" went my mobile..indicating that I'd received an sms. Still smiling, I picked it up, unlocked it, and started reading the sms, which was from my friend, let's call her De* . [Names are hidden for the sake of privacy].
Well, the sms started off sayin..."hey, U won't believe it Stan, I saw you in my dreams last night..and...".
The smile vanished from my face.
Then, next thing i know, the walls were dimming...and the lights were closing in on me...or..maybe vice versa. Anywayz, I was too freaked out to figure it out. I was like...No way!!! Not you too!!! Aaaahhhhh....

Ok..Let me rewind the time by exactly 10days and 12hours.

PART I: Saturday-Mar18th-9:33pm

The Beginning...
I was at my cousin's place, enjoying a family party with over 20 cousins. "buzzzzzzzzzzz...." went my silent-mode mobile, indicating a call..I picked it up and it was my friend Sha* from Chennai...she (not the first one as i was soon about to find out) tells me about the crazy dream she had about me the previous night. It seemed I made a quick trip to Chennai, and for whatever reason, i quickly fled from there within a day and so on. Hmmm...i was like..hey kool yaar...(It feels good right when a nice friend, esp a gal, sees you in her dreams right? hehe...). Anyway I didn't give it much thought after that. Until....

PART II: Wednesday-Mar22nd-1:33pm

Four days later....
Me and my Mafia mates were just getting ready to play....
and then another good friend n colleague of mine, Amo* , starts off saying.."Hey Staney Boy!!... Guess what...I saw you yesterday night in my sleep!!"...(gulp) Sheeeeezzz...this was getting weird..and it was a very weird dream as well...she went on to say that she and her friends came over to my place (in her dream let me remind you), and first of all, I was all green in colour!! ...and even worse..I had a pet along with me...a pet OCTOPUS!! The dream was soo damn crazy that it totally psyched her out too! Anyway i was like...hmmm..weird consequence dude....2 gals dreamt about 4 days...
It was just another 7 days when i got De's sms.

* Continued from PART III: Thursday-Mar30th-9:33am

So now you can understand why I got all freaked out right??
Anyway...continuing with the sms...It seemed in her dream, she saw me buying a big boat..and she was like, "Now what the hell would you do with a big boat like that in B'lore?!". I don't know...and that's the least of my unanswered questions! 3 dreams - 3 gals - 10 days! WTF is this???

I have to admit..I don't like such weird "co-incidential" events...
It's slightly freaking me out....but thankfully, there hasn't been more cases reported after that... :-) just for cheap thrills..let me try connecting the 3 dreams... Like what?...ok..first I go to Chennai...and there I buy a big boat!!...and then I go fishing...and maybe I catch an Octopus,,,but then how did I turn green?..cos my new pet Octopus puked all over me? lol...:) I dunno...but it makes no sense to me either!!

I am no Sigmund Freud, and am in no way decently knowledgeful on the subject of "Interpretation of Dreams", though more interested mortals can look here.

What I've been more interested in lately, is making sure my friends, and that too, especially girls, haven't been dreaming about me. (However incredibly ridiculous that sounds!)