Saturday, March 11, 2006

Return to Innocence

Alrighttyy then! (dunno why i just said that, was it Ace Ventura's line? maybe) Anywayz me back home now in Trivandrum. I'm here just for the weekend. Initial observations:
-Tvm is hot!!! (all u Blore peeps who complain abt d weather shut up!)
-Ferrero Rocher tastes 10 times better when eaten after an year. ;-)
But it feels good to be back home. My bro's back from the UK and my sis+hus has come down too. Family re-union i guess.

Home, Home again..
I long to be here, when i can...

I had a good journey via KSRTC's Airavata Volvo bus. Not bad seriously! Before i boarded the bus, i gota meet my friends Mintu, Lekhsmi, Rekha and Pinku.(ppl i hadn't seen in a long time.) I'd expected the usual kinda bus-trip where i'd isolate myself to my fav music col from my discman. But before i could get to it, I noticed a small kid of max. 4-5 years sitting on his dad's lap on the seat opposite to mine, accross the aisle. The cute small boy was speaking to his dad very excitedly and I could'nt help but eavesdrop on what he was sayin.

Boy: "Daddy!Daddy! how did the dinosaurs die?"
Dad: "Mone..u see.." (i think the dad was thinkin of some good answer which would convince his son..tuff question you see. No-one is sure exactly!)
Boy: "Pooja's mother told me that they died because 'avvaru kootil kerriyilla' (Mallu->Eng translation: they did'nt enter their dens) so they became old,so old and died."

Hahaha..i had to control myself from bursting out laughing. The joy and happiness on the kid's face seeing his dad n mom laugh at this was a sight.The innocence of his answer - humbling.
He didn't stop there.He went on to ask how Gandhi died..and his dad explained to him all about Godse etc. Next question...

Boy: "Daddy, how do the cows give milk?"
Dad: "Mone..cows have the ability to transform water into milk."
The boy seem pretty satisfied with the answer.But he had many questions left...

Boy: "Daddy, how does a small plant become a big tree?"
Dad: "Small plants eat their food and grow big..."
Boy: "Daddy, how do small babies learn to speak language when they grow?"
Dad: "They listen to what their daddy and mummy says and repeat those words. For example, the first word you said was 'Amma'. "

I could'nt control myself after that. I told the dad how smart his kid was and asked him his name. "Nikhil" said the dad. "Say hi,Nikhil" and Nikhil shyly waved his hand and whispered "Hi". He continued quizzing his dad and daddy patiently answered all his questions.

Then came the STUNNER.
Nikhil: "Daddy, you know these people we see on the roads who come and ask us money no? How is it that these people have no money but we have?"
STRIKE 1,2,3.
The Daddy was out without an answer. He fumbled on saying how he had a job..etc etc.

I was left marvelling at the kid's intelligence and curiosity. At his innocent perspective of Life. And this world. Innocence unblemished.
We were all like this at one point. When and how did corruption,pervertism,jealousy,egosim,hatred, and guilt invade us and rob us of this innocence?

I'm not sure but...
I think a 'Return to Innocence' is essential for all of us.
A lesson taught to me by Nikhil on my 'Return back Home'.

:-) cya all ..oh and by the way, Ferrai just got 1-2 in Qualifyin!! Scarlet days back again?? Can't wait for Raceday!!