Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hey Lad!

[The below material is the original creation of uSTANnochans Creations. It was written in conditions of extreme boredom in the LGfloor,MT-WC. All rights reserved. All characters mentioned in the peom below are fictional, and any resemblance to a real-life person is an impossible coincidence. Even though you will feel like killing the author after comprehending the poem's extreme senslessness, please avoid doing so since insanity is a trait common to people of his age. No hate mail either.ThankYou]

Hey lad, why do you feel so glad?
When you see a gal scantily-clad?
If she thinks she's lookin rad and it's the latest fad,
Believe me - You could be the model of the next Axe ad!

Hey lad, why do you then become stark raving mad?
Just cos someone like her treats you bad?
It's better to leave such people as they are
Rather than trying to get over it in the nearest bar!

Hey lad, before drowning your sorrows in amber,
Wait a sec and ponder - Is your life a clamber?
If you've fallen into the fire from the frying pan,
It's time for advice from stan_da_man!

It's a Pitty i'm not Brad,
or have a voice like Nickelback's Chad,
else you'd have listened to this crazy ballad,
and earned your bread instead of robbin your dad!

[ThankYou again for reaching this line - THE END ;-)]


Guru Panguji said...

Hey Lad, that ain't bad!
Kinda glad that you too are mad
To drown your sorrows in a bar
Don't worry dude, it ain't a lack of char!

Dude, yet don't do it for a dumb prude
And I don't mean to be rude!
For the simple reason that is true
Next morning's coffee she ain't gonna brew!

Anyhow, how do you do these days?
No news of your fortune at bays
How come you never visit my site?
Better do that soon, else kick you I mite :-D!

Hehehe good one dude!

stan_da_man said...

Hehe...good one urself pangu!
I think i made it while listenin to 'Lose Yourself' so i guess it'll sound better with the song's music too.
But still, hopeless i remind myself. :-)

Aslan said...

I'd rather not write another Iliad
And cause you to go 'EGAD!'
I'll just keep this short n' sweet
So that it is to the eyes a treat! :)

Anonymous said...