Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A flashback on SUPER SUNDAY

It's funny really.
I've already read three blogs about the exact same topic.
And i know I'm 3 days late too.
But i have to post this. I confess openly - I'm a Sports Freak!
What the hell am i saying? not makin sense? Read on plz.

I got back to Bangalore 2 days ago.The only whole day i got in Tvm to spend time with my family n friends was Sunday.However, ironically, i ended up sitting glued to my TV set for 10+ hours. I coudn't help it..i again confess- I'm a Sports Freak!

Ok, starting off... we had a pretty good Ind v/s Eng test match happening since morning. But this was nothing compared for what was in store that day.

Firstly, F1 started again! I was so damn glad after Qualifying, but my spirits were dampened after seeing Schumi relegated to 2nd place, edged out by Alonso. Kimi came in 3rd. This year's championship looks like its gonna be an edge-of-the-seat thriller. I already can't wait for the next race!

Next, just when F1 got over, a feast of football began. My beloved ManUtd was playin Newcastle where Rooney was on fire, and we ended up winning the match 2-0 when even a 10-0 scoreline would have done justice to the way we i'll change my words..the way we did everything but finish. Maybe 2-0 was actually deserved for the plethora of chances wasted.
Not such a big story but, Arsenal defeated Liverpool 2-1 after that. (Does anyone actually support these teams?..hehe..juz kiddin.)

Ok, best part of the day was taking place at the Wanderers in South-Africa. The cricket match between Aus and SA. What a record-breaking game dude!! 870 runs plus in 100 overs, two 150s, 28 sixes, records just went on tumbling. In the end, South Africa scraped through, winning with one wicket and one ball to spare! They chased down 435 runs! Believe that! Those ESPN guys should have framed the look on Ponting's face when Boucher scored the winning runs and send it to me. I had predicted to my housemates that SA would win the series 3-2 and they did. One of my housemates, Harish even said he would shave his head clean if SA did win. We are still waiting for that. I think it was sweet revenge for SA in more ways than one. Cos SA is the unluckiest team in cricket i feel, right from the '92 WorldCup where Jonty was left staring at the screen which said '22 to win in 1 ball'. The '99 WC where Zulu ran himself out when the scores were level to let Aus go thru. The '03 WC when a bad Duckworth-lewis system mistake meant that Boucher didn't take a single of the last ball cos he thought SA were thru.

Sweet Revenge i say again.
And in some subtle way, i think that Hansie Cronje too was smiling down on the Wanderers that day.


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Aslan said...

Ferrari's performance was good. But I have a feeling it was 'cuz of all the testing they (and Honda) got to do at Sakhir unlike the other teams. McLaren [ n' Renault :( ] will do better at Sepang I'm sure. But so will Massa, I feel.. He has the speed, but not the maturity.

Yeah SA was my fave team- they visited our school when I was a kid. Donald (my fave bowler ever) towered over us like a tree n' so did the others. I remember the awe with which I watched them walk beside the luxury bus, their heads level with the windows. Only Rhodes looked human. Can't forget Cronje mispronouncing "Chinma-yeah-na Vi-di-yeah-le-ya, its nice to be here".. :)

stan_da_man said...

YuP..even i have a feeling that Renault and Mclaren have stronger cars than Ferrari. Marginally stronger mind you. Maybe Sepang will throw more light on this issue. The good thing working in Ferrari's favour now is the present rule to do multiple tyre changes. Engine reliability is another matter that worries me. Let's wait n see!

LEO said...

Long live Renault....!!!Sheer perfection of French Engineering!!

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