Monday, July 10, 2006

Pictorama..,juz kiddin - just another plane on the busy runway.

Over Mumbai - cold and wet after the drench.

viva France! looks sparsely populated from up here.

Yours truly n Shanmugam - thank God i had company!

Immigration at Newark - phew! had to stand in that long queue for 30min, after the 20 hr flight!

Hotel room:view1,my home sweet home!

Hotel room: view2, yea we've got a 6ft kitchen!


US said...

Your hotel room has Yellow lighting!! No tube lights?

Anyway - you will be there like 2 hours per day :-) (kidding ... but in few weeks your proj may swell to that proportions ! hehehe)

The trainee... said...

What!!! have you gone mad...well...should i say impotent???

Take the pics of the receptionist and put them up...

stan_da_man said...

@us: yup...project is swelling to huge proportions now itself! pheww....well..the room looks upside down now anyway..afterall..its me whoz stayin thr! ;p

@trainee: i told ya! kids can go to skool. not see pics dat aint needed to be seen by them! hehe..piggy boi its oh-kay! :))

Anonymous said...