Monday, July 24, 2006

NYC Trip: Part II - ln the City

If you haven't read Part-1, go here. Or just scroll down.

So where were we?
Well....after getting back onshore after going to the Statue of Liberty...we decided to walk and go sightseeing. In fact, that's the best option in New York if you don't wanna use the metro. It isn't easy at first to understand the city's complex road planning. We were almost cursing it the night we arrived cos we were totally lost and could'nt locate our hotel.There are hajjar streets and Avs intersecting each many one-ways... its easy to go mad. However,by the end of our trip, I was left amazed at actually how much planning has gone in. The roads are actually very logical and everything fits in beautifully. Its funny really..when you look at the city, you feel things are totally out of control,the city is so packed and crowded and everyone is in a rush, and you feel its only a matter of time before the whole place collapses. It doesn't however.

New York has always been going to hell but somehow it never gets there' -- Robert Persig

Well, we spent time at Battery Park, walked to the NYSE Stock exchange...where there were like 200 tourists clicking pictures around the famous Bull. Walked further down Wall Street...the World Financial Center etc. New York City's architecture is very unique...its a mix of neo-classical style buildings and ultra-modern skyscrapers. Ranging from elegant brownstone houses and apartments to giants like the Empire State.There is architecture of such breath-taking variety, you can spent a day just looking at the buildings. Made me start thinking about Howard Roark. Seriously. (*Hi-fives Polo*) Ok..after roaming about Lower Manhattan, we went to the Empire State. However, we did'nt go to the observatory on top, cos we were told that due to extreme foggy conditions, visibility was very poor, 1/2 a mile max, and not worth the 16$ ticket. Did a little bit of shopping after that...and we literally got thrown out a shop cos the guy didn't like it when we asked if the discount was genuine. He just put down the digicam he was showing us and slowly said..."Do not make me curse you. You can leave now." As we were walking out, he shouted right in my ear,"Get the F*** out of my shop!" Our first experience of the famous blunt rudeness.

'This is New York and there's no law against being annoying' -- William Kunstler

Well, that's all for now...more tomorrow.
Here are a few pics...

The Manhattan skyline - need i say more?

Liberty Island - view from the ferry

The statue and me mouth-wide-open

Me,Mitesh,Shan and the NYSE Bull

Empire State - broke my back for dis pic!

Architecture - US Customs House

The old with the new


US said...

Curses galore, there are several factors
1. Any salesman clearly knows he is an under-achiever (unless he is selling hundered thousand dollar equipment OR sells few dollor items in the millions!)

2. Color of the skin incites -intrinsic- automatic response from white people.

3. F**k is too common a word, to not to hear it even once. I am surprised, it is happening for the first time. Worry not, there will be plety more.

4. Always be sure of the prices (to have idea -whether the discount is genuine-. Make a purchase decision - do not haggle. It is not India -where- saleman are not -under-achievers!! (are they?).

Get out of NYC hang. It is the toughest city to live in. We already have difficulties living in Bangalore, leave NYC.

Guru Panguji said...

Bugger!! I wish I had a laptop!! Where are ya putting in these snaps from anyway? *WAIL*

Hehehe, anyhoo, decided on an apartment today! awesome place man, will post in the pics soon with that of Deutschland as well!!

Work's awesome :-)!!

The trainee said...

Well i'm surprised on 2 counts...

Firstly, i thought you could have titled this post with another Eagles song - Life in the Fast Lane ... would be a pseud continuation of the New York Minute post. Anyways, your wit is excused for you were in a city where everyones at their wit's end.

Secondly, I'm surprised that you had problems with traffic and wierd naming of roads... Hello!!! what kind of training did you get here at namma bengalooru???

Now the fucking salesman (i don't know why people put the ***s for the F word...your blog is not like cartoon network that kids are gonna see it... they know it better than you anyways, as slim shady put it "They've the Discovery channel don't they?" hee hee)...

Ah now the salesman... boi next time you come across such people just remember (since i am the geek/nerd/etc) this that God has given you a chance to retaliate... in fact the "probablity" of you retaliating and him getting it right on the face is 2/10... let me explain... you have 10 fingers. now use 2...don't think of which one to use...just trust you instinct...
ahhhhhhh forget it... got a little pissed.

Bbye then

stan_da_man said...

@us: heheee..agree dude..but still...its uncommon to find the word dihed out so freely tho. yup NYC is tuff, but i guess a person becomes tuff as well as he goes along thr...he'd better!

@pangu: dude, get a laptop n post some pics..ur poor cam must be bursting with pressuer to release..ahem..never mind. I had a laptop from MT, so was ok. tc hav fun! start d bloggin!!

@trainee: excellent idea buddy. These are rare moments when i see some light of intelligence in ur words! keep it goin!! :)) hee hee!
yeaa agree with u abt d salesman, shud have shown our Eeendian ability to curse back, or perhaps some local mallu theries! terms of roads, namma Bengalooru helped man! we figured out the system in a matter of hours...only a guy who's lived in B'lore cud do that!! ;)

Anonymous said...