Friday, June 02, 2006

DaVinci - décodé and démystifiéd.

Hmmm...saw the most anticipated and controversial flick of the year this week @ PVR.
Well, here's my in-depth but brief analysis -

I'd give the movie a 6 out of 10. [6*/10]
Well, reasons for the 6 stars are as given-
1* -- Ron Howard : It wasn't easy to make a movie out of this book, but I think Ron has done a pretty good job. Obviously, a P.Jackson adaptation would have achieved atleast 3 stars here, but well, what can u say, that's Jackson man. Not all mortals are like him. Ron has made better films - Apollo13, A Beautiful Mind and Cindrella Man. He could have directed the movie better (especially the beginning 20min) but it turns out to be pretty alright by the end.
1* -- Tom Hanks and Paul Bettany : Not the best performance of Tom by a long shot, he seemed pretty bored and uninvolved during the first third of the movie, but he gets better as the movie goes along. Paul Bettany was very good in the violent and tormented character of Silas. I don't think Audrey Tautou (as Sophie) deserves much mention. She did look out of place at times.
2* -- Ian McKellen : Brilliant! Excellent! Changes the movie around totally. I became much happier once he was introduced into the movie. Man! he's a natural! He's played stellar roles such as Gandalf (LOTR) and Magneto (X-Men), and he needn't prove more, but he does a very refreshing and enigmatic job as Sir Leigh Teabing. Loved it!
2* -- Hans Zimmer : We've heard him before - Lion King, The Rock, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator and he's wowed us time and time again. He's top-class again this time and it's the background score that gives the movie a different and magical feel. Especially the scene at the end, when Langdon finds out the actual location of the Grail and kneels down to pray. Brilliant music I say! This German composer deserves his applauds!

Well, that's that. 6/10 it is.
The movie ain't as good as the book (how many times have we heard that line now) but its still pretty good. You are atleast satisfied that you got your money's worth at the end.
Now I'm waitin to see X3 and POTC2!!


US said...

Movies can't match words, and cannot replace our imaginations. When something we had imagined while reading the book strikes - that makes a golden movie adapted from book.

1. Godfather
2. Godfather
3. Godfather

My list is small (because I have read very few books which have been adapted to movies)

Anyway, do any of you know of any book that has been adapted from a Movie!!! ??? Interesting Huh!

Try to find out and comment back.


stan_da_man said...

@us: yeah..they have been a few arbit books made..Godzilla,Indpdnce Day etc...nuthin gr8. cos it makes no sense to convert a blockbuster into a aint gonna be a bestseller anyway!

Guru Panguji said...

Dude, you are forgetting the very basic trilogy that bloody revolutionized book->movie adaptation - the LOTR series, and of course, now the Harry Potter series.

Again, I have heard that HP series have been pretty bad. However, I have read all the books, and especially the 4th movie, kinda does justice to the book.

Anyhoo, coming back to LOTR, man, the books and the movies ROCK!!

@ US: Yes, I agree, Godfather, the movie and the book were superb!! :-D!!

Aslan said...

another zimmer fan! read this .. and this

stan_da_man said...

@pangu: I didn't forget LOTR dude, thats why i mentioned Peter Jackson there. Its obvious isn't it?

@aslan: ohhh kool..u Zimmer fan too! he's too good maaan!! :)

Anonymous said...