Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I returned from the US on the 11th, the last day of the league season. It had been a long journey back (24+ hours, three flights) and boy, was I tired. But within me, a mix of excitement and tension was building to it's climax. This was the D-day, the day when hopes would be dashed or dreams fulfilled. The day that would earn bragging rights for another year or a post-season of despair. The last day of the Barclay's Premier League, with both ManUtd and Chelsea equal on points at the top.

A win would see us retaining the title for a second year running, a draw/loss (along with a Chelsea win) would see them pip us to it at the finish line. After a season of exciting and brilliant football, the latter would be just too horrible to comprehend. By the time the match started at 7.30pm, I was a nervous wreck and it was only going to get worse. For around 20 mins in the 2nd half, both teams were leading 1-0 and a goal either way would seal the title's fate. In the end however, it was a time of pure ecstasy with us winning 2-0 against Wigan, and Chelsea drawing 1-1 with Bolton. These moments are what makes being a fan so special.

This season has been different for two reasons. First, in my seven years of following the league, this is the first time the title race has gone all the way till the final day. Second, this is the first season where I've watched more than 50% of the matches online (due to being out of the country and not having access to cable TV for 4+ months). This win means it's our 17th league title now, and we need just one more to equal Liverpool's record of most league wins. It's been one the best seasons ever and it's not over yet! That's right, there is still the small tiny minuscule matter of the Champions League final on May 21st.

Win there also and this season would be the biggest ever since 1999.