Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's been a long time baby...

Alright, apologies first.

It's been 108 days since my last post.

Whoa..a pretty long time, but no excuses mama, I somehow managed to not post for this long. I just wanted to write this post for the sake of getting my blogging life back on track, and I'm glad I'm managing to do it atleast now.

Updates? YES!!! Lots! Soo mannyyy....ok so let's get started!

ManUtd won the League in May!! yeaaaah!!!!!

umm..and I guess that pretty much covers updates :)

Naaa...juz kidding, so basically I'm back in the US of A now, got here a week ago (had to leave the day Aerosmith was performing at B'lore), and will be here for a month or so. Things look fine, I guess nothing much changes in 5 months, though its a much warmer and brighter climate than the last time I was here. The journey was pleasant...the high point being the fact that I was able to see the A380 at the CDG airport. Huge I say, huge. I mean huge. Did i say huge? Damn, couldn't get any snaps though cos we were on the runway and I didn't have the time to reach into the overhead compartment and get my cam.

So here I am, in the same hotel (didn't get the same room this time *sigh*) but having two roommates this time around. Spandy and Wonderkid. Work is good, the food is great :) Went to Bugabooz and had a meatloaf within two days of getting here. I just had to! Had a decent last weekend too, went to the Univ of Maryland with Charles, went and checked out this latino restaurant called Samantha's, went to the IKEA showroom, and went to Fort Meade to get some other stuff too. I've got back on track with LOST again, though not into top gear. Planning to go into marathon mode this weekend.

Everything else is going along well, although it took some time for the fact that I was travelling tithe US again to hit me, during my journey. Well, that went away in a jiffy once we got here. We exited the Dulles airport, had a Pakistani taxi driver pick us up, and when he switched on the radio, the first thing we hear? "And the latest news at this hour, Paris Hilton is going to jail folks....". I turned back and said to Sid, "Dude, we're back in the US alright."

That's it for now. More posts very soon. Ciao!

PS: A few pics of the University posted below.

The 'M' spot...

Fraternity buildings?

Whatever, but looks good ain't it?

Main CS Lecture Hall

Wonderkid, Spandy and Charles.


US said...

Finally using labels.

9 to go to for 10,000


plenty said...

welcome backkk :)

Aslan said...

umm.. what about nadal winning the french open? or was it too obvious? hehe.. looked that way to me. good to get you out of the country again :) india can resume progress :p

US said...

OK. There are other things lagging here.
1. Come out of Blogger beta
2. Possibly add CC
3. Switch feed to feedburner
(Long process, but totally worth it)
4. Start GReader account --> subscribe to your fav blogs/sites --> share posts and place shared items widget on the blog. Simple.

To see all of the above 4 in action see my blog for reference.


P.S - I have your blog in my blog roll.

stan_da_man said...

@us: yup,finally! it's crossed 10k too eh! shud put up a post for that! :)

@plenty: glad to be back! :)

@aslan: Yeah, nadal winning was obvious wasn't it? hehe...missed the match tho :|

@us again: yup, all on my to-do list toy :)

Anonymous said...