Monday, December 18, 2006

Even the best...

For those with eye problems, the words in the pic are,

Unhandled Error

Error Details

Could not allocate space for object 'DNN1_EventLog' in database 'DNN_chrisckemp' because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full

Totally unrelated to the pic..........
This week has been pretty relaxing after the gruelling last month. Since our main deadline was completed last Monday, work pressure has reduced quite a bit. Went for LaserTag this weekend, which is a hi-tech version of paintball. In other words, it is almost like a real-life version of CounterStrike, and boy, was it intense! We signed up for two games (each 20-min rounds), and they turned out to be much, much more tiring and exhausting than I expected - and great fun too. Spent the rest of the weekend watching all 24 episodes of LOST (season-1), after I'd got the 7-DVD set from a colleague at office here. I literally coudn't stop after the first episode and ended up watchin the whole thing at one stretch, having the odd break in between to eat or maybe sleep. Started on a lil X'mas shoppin too, mainly because my eBay addiction has kicked off again. Bid and bought a FIFA07 DVD this weekend and Crichton's new book, "Next". Still waitin for them to arrive ofcourse. Went to Tyson's, a huge mall in Virginia with Charles and Ravi on the weekend after seeing Dhoom-2 (sob sob) at Loehmann's. Ended up buying a $40 Complete Star Wars Enyclopedia. Yeah! Go on! Call me crazy! But a man has got to do what a man has got to do....

Ok, that's that. Now coming back to the title....
Google and NASA had a huge press release a few hours ago, announcing plans to collaborate on a number of technology-focused RnD activities, including large-scale data management, massively distributed computing, bio-info-nano convergence, etc etc. NASA also plans some pretty jazzy stuff like providing statistical data about the Earth's atmosphere, via Google Earth. They even launched a new website for it, look here, that I hit upon a few hours back. Alas that's where the good news ends. (see pic).

Even the best...have setbacks.


US said...

I don't think is a site by either Google or Nasa. That is just a hoax.

What happened to - "How I met your mother series"?


$40 ~= Rs. 2000 = 40 DVD's in Indian Market
Yes, I like to Convert

stan_da_man said...

@us: Yeah, I guessed it was a hoax too couple of hours after it remained the same. However, the post went thru... :)

How I met ur mother, is at the same state it was a few months back - I also have about 20+GB worth of data on my iPod that is yet to be viewed. No time the reason.

US said...

For Snap, you have to embed the code in the template only.

20GB. hmmmm.

I gave Shyam 5 movies + 5 seasons of Friends = 3DVD = 12GB of content. Let's see how fast he consumes it.

My consumption rate is about 300 MB per day (Roughly 1.5 hours a day i.e. if I have the content!)

I am watching Diggnation (weekly), ZeFrank's "The Show" (daily), WallStrip (daily) and few other podcasts/Google Videos.

Awaiting the release of "The Prestige" here. Reviews are pretty rave, and it's got Nikola Tesla in it!!


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